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Products and services


Categories of products:
  • invoices, products’ delivery notes, receipts, passenger tickets, show tickets, monetary
  • pre-printed products directly designed for mailing
  • Self-copying paper (white or coloured, CB [Coating at the back], CFB [Coating at the front and back], CF [Coating at the front]) or offset paper (in various grams and colours)
  • Up to 3 colours per rotary printing and including plain colour print
Finishing mode:
  • continuous mode, in sets of 2 or 3 pages / set
  • punching of notebooks and gluing of blocks, punching of shelf backs
  • fly pages


Serial numbering and simple numbering shall be made according to an internal unitary system established by each natural or legal person.
Serial numbering is alphanumeric comprising 7 characters at the most


  • simple, which is made only with the company’s identification data (customization from the database of an invoice, receipt book or notice pre-printing)
  • complex, which is made with the company’s identification data and graphic elements (logo) on plain or rotary printing